Farro Fettuccine with bergamot vegetables salad


Ingredients for 4 People: ⠀
280 gr farro fettuccine “Frantoio Bartolini” ⠀
100 Gr Shelled peas ⠀
100 gr tomatoes datterini ⠀
1 Clove of garlic ⠀
1 fresh onion ⠀
1 carrot ⠀
1 zucchini ⠀
1 Bergamot ⠀
½ yellow pepper cornelius ⠀
Sugar ⠀
Salt until ⠀
Evo Olive Oil “Frantoio Bartolini” ⠀
Fresh thyme ⠀ ⠀
Procedure: ⠀
Cut in half the datterini, dressing with salt, sugar, oil and thyme and baking at 90° for about 1 hour and a half. ⠀
Blanch the peas and cool. Keep aside. ⠀
Cutting the carrot, zucchini and pepper in Macedonia. Warm up a pan with evo oil and garlic, add the carrot and pepper, salt and cook for 5 minutes. Add zucchini and bake 10 more minutes. ⠀
Cook in water slightly salt fettuccine, jump in the pan with vegetable salad, add peas and half of tomatoes confit. End with fresh onion cut, salt and pepper. ⠀
Serving with thyme and bergamot zest. 

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