Mories is seeking 80000 l extra virgin olive oil


Mories organization is creating an opportunity to all small olive oil producers from Mediterranean region to reach worldwide recognition. Mories stands for healthy food based on the Mediterranean lifestyle and as the base of Mediterranean kitchen is extra virgin olive oil- we focus to present it to your attention in the best possible way. All extra virgin olive oils must meet the regulation of products of high nutritional value, published in the site of the Organization.

We are offering to producers with high nutritional value extra virgin olive oil, to reach market with the design created by our top marketing team in the package of 5 litre and the logo of Mories.

This season we dedicate our metal tin of 5 litre to Greece.
The ultimate verification that your product completes high standards and criteria. Mories Organization is seeking 80 000 litre on behalf our partners, shops and restaurants. For any Greek producer that is interested to proceed with cooperation with Mories Organization about this project, please contact us at:

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