Mories Organization and Metaggitsi Agricultural Cooperative at the focus in NATO SHAPE headquarters


A step ahead in the future of our planet

A summer full of expectations and an event to present products with high nutritional value at NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), create unique opportunities for Mories members and tightened the cooperation between both parties at Mons, Belgium.

The event took place in May and helped a secure collaboration between the base and its supply with top quality food products, offered and promoted by Mories Organization. As the time went by, both efforts were gratefully appreciated and food products reached their destination. Leaders across various industries have already embraced this paradigm shift that recognizes the inseparable relationship between nature and climate, and they are aligning their strategies accordingly. Mories and its members give a simple solution- we need more natural food than ever in order to help the needs of customers and extend the effort to protect nature and climate.

The loss of our natural resources affects not only our delicate food system but also our global population. The food system is tightly interlinked with human activity, and the resulting environmental effects of that have cascading socioeconomic impacts, exposing deep-rooted inequalities. To create a truly sustainable future, we must embrace a holistic perspective that ties decarbonization targets with nature-positive ones. Mories vision is to create more tightened collaborations between organizations and agricultural products to reach the point of protecting our most valuable resource- our planet.

In its 2023 report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that “there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all.” This is exactly why we need to modernize and reshape our vision so products with high nutritional value meet more recognition and get more support. In its effort to secure and prevent challenges of rising insecurity, Mories steps ahead upgrading its ecosystem with an onboard crypto community and the utility SAGI token. The Metaggitsi Agricultural Cooperative, as well as many other members of Mories, has also entered and embraced the digital world opening the doors to accepting payments with SAGI for the needs of its members and clients and implementing the blockchain technology.

The climate, nature, and biodiversity crises have reached a point where humanity can no longer afford to watch and wait. To achieve a just and sustainable food system, organizations must assess the most pressing challenges within their unique context, identify the areas where they can make the greatest impact, and seize opportunities to act both individually and in collaboration with the larger ecosystem in ways that deliver maximum effect.

Our goals and efforts, as well as the food products with high nutritional value from Metaggitsi Agricultural Cooperative that were presented in the event were highly appreciated by the leaders of NATO SHAPE.   We are fondly proud to receive a letter of thanks and appreciation from them on 26th of August 2023.

Mories Organization is a global community open to collaborate and secure the needs of anyone to reach products with high nutritional values at fair price. All the products that Mories Organization offers are verified and certified that best agricultural practices have been implemented with care and respect of nature and its resources.

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