Drawn by an interest in health benefits and sustainable production, professionals from fields like law, medicine, and label branding have been turning to Greek olive oil in order to support the producers in the new season.

After deep research and analysis of the field, quality and capacity of few producers, Mories organization experts decided to support the production of three producers from the region of Chalkidiki for their new production 2019/2020 season. The olive oil from their fields will be presented in a bottle respecting the most significant person from the region Aristotle from Stagira.
Mories deign team have created a special bottle design and label honoring the 2400 years from the birthday of the Greatest Philosopher. These bottles will be available for the public and selected partners of the organization with the new season demands of high quality extra virgin olive oil 2019/2020.

Mories contol team over the olives expectations for the new production extra virgin olive oil

It is expected the new harvest of 2019/2020 to be extremely good. The precipitations have been abundant and the olive trees of the parcels of dry land have recovered and have flourished very well in the olive groves of the three producers. The curd of the fruit is being adequate. Since the trees are loaded with fruit, we estimate that the harvest may be delayed, since it takes longer for the olive trees to ripen more fruit.
Just like every year, only unfiltered olive oils will be available at the beginning. Later, in January, the organization, will present at your disposal filtered olive oils.

History and quality- Quality is not an act, it is a habit- Aristotle

The proclamation of 2016 as the Aristotle Anniversary Year by UNESCO honors the significant work of Aristotle and him as a person. It was the year for inspiration for our design label team as well to create a product honoring the Philosopher.
The impact of his work is unique in terms of its influence on the history of human thought. His influence continues to be present in the intellectual evolution of Western civilization.
Combing history with quality was an act of extreme importance to board of directors of Mories organization, so we have chosen carefully the producers, we will be supporting for this season- said the press attaché of the organization.
We are looking forward to try the new quality line of olive oil, directly imported by the birth area of Aristotle.

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