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Mories provides value to platform participants in a variety of different ways, using a wide range of tools.

Mories connects responsible users with care about their health, with trusted service and product providers through unbiased in-app product and service suggestions, which reduces the cost of goods sold for the vendor while increasing the value and trust for the consumer.
The preventative care AI and interconnected with tech devices work together to optimize a user’s diet and daily exercise, preventing the need for unexpected medical visits and reducing the overall cost of healthcare. This is especially useful for professional athletes and active sports lovers.
Crowd verification and Digital Expo Center, increases the reach of smaller, high-quality businesses that cannot compete with corporate marketing budgets, disrupting the pet marketing sector. This means a smaller brand can correlate consumption with verified health outcomes and increase their revenue and brand awareness.
The Mories Token (MT) Token establishes a currency with tradable value to power the customer’s healthy lifestyle ecosystem and food products with high nutritional value. Mories tokens will be used in exchange for products with high nutritional value, services, and discounts throughout the food industry.
The token may be earned through participation and is usable for transactions being executed within the application. These mechanics make for a smoother onboarding process that shields the end-user from blockchain complexity.

Mories aims to offer an all-inclusive platform that emphasizes transparency, traceability, and crowdsourced verification to produce unbiased health-related recommendations for users. The aim in building this platform is to create a system that can seamlessly integrate into the average customer’s life, and simplify informed decision-making.

The platform is enhanced by connected devices, an advanced AI, and a digital currency, which serves as the basis for a micro-economy rich with trusted high nutritional value food products and services.

Mories’s data collection and normalization will create a standard language for the food industry and will serve as the basis for multiple focused API’s and food health-related studies. The data collected on the platform will benefit every player in the food industry.

Crowd Verification

One of Mories’s central themes is putting power in the hands of the consumer. The proprietary crowdsourced verification system does just that.

Through repeated ‘reviews’ sourced from various devices and diagnostic tools connected to the platform, high nutritional food services and products will be proven safe. Once a food service place or product, has been voted by enough users and proven reliable, the business and the product will gain crowd verification and be considered crowd verified.

Local food and food service providers will have a more traditional path to accruing reputation. As results accumulate via crowd-sourced data collection, customers will have unbiased information to back their performance record. Additionally, businesses will gain exposure from positive reviews made by users who transacted with the business through the Mories platform.

This is not a checkmark that verifies membership, but a badge that represents statistically proven quality.

Data Marketplace

Mories will create a first-of-its-kind data marketplace, facilitating the exchange of food data.

Data is a valuable modern-day commodity. With the influx of QR codes users are collecting more detailed data than ever before. Collected in isolation, this data has little value. However, when detailed data is aggregated and given insight with analytics, its value increases exponentially.

Mories will provide researchers, marketers, and manufacturers with an opensource platform to request, purchase, organize, promote and analyze the detailed food data captured across the platform. Users on the platform will decide who their data is shared with and will always retain ownership of the data. This means producers will be able to monetize their own data, bringing balance to the data economy in the food industry.

Product & Service Marketplace

Mories will create a hybrid e-commerce marketplace where producers, vendors and food service providers can freely present their services through the app. All goods and services sold will be in a constant state of quality assurance conducted by users on the platform.

The underlying currency facilitating trade between all parties for both the product and data marketplaces will be Mories Tokens. Mories tokens will smooth out the onboarding process and enable participants to transact instantly, safely, easily, and securely.


Mories will use blockchain technology to empower its users to own and monetize their food product’s data while protecting the privacy and the best interests of all participants on the platform.


Mories’s on line market place platform with its utility token will incentivize users to upload their food products’s data without any adverse impact to the platform’s margins or liabilities.


Mories’s AI will make data-driven health care recommendations by performing a personalized assessment drawing from personal data, existing databases, and community supplied correlations. Unlike a monolithic centralized AI where the user’s data is part of a massive dataset, each user has their own personal AI that serves them while retaining their personal information. The devices (application) will monitor the health condition of the user and will recommend suitable nutrition diary programme, helpful healthy recipes to maintain the balance in the organism.

Blockchain POS Devices

 Blockchain POS Devices will support the work of existing food service marketplaces and help volatility of the Mories Tokens to be easily converted and also will encourage the token usage as method of payment with faster transaction performance and reduced costs to third parties.

5.5 Mories Team

Mories Organization humbly recognizes that scaling to become a successful digital platform and achieve their vision will require additional sets of expertise and personnel. Naturally, successful companies in the digital space do not limit themselves to one strategy. They use a combination of building in-house, acquiring or partnering to make rapid progress, adapting to the situations they face.

Mories has taken a balanced approach to grow a team while building alliances. Mories team possesses a strong, evolving, multi-disciplinary team with breadth of experience in the field of finance, science, legal advice, nutrition, management and marketing.

TEAM MEMBERS: list of members team HERE

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