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The economic system that defines the use of a token forms the tokenomics of a platform. At its core, a Mories Token on waves and BEP (SAGI) token is about defining a unit of measure for price signals in the marketplace.


The Mories platform will target and cater to four different types of users, as described below:

–       Customers/Users
– who form the core of the user base, collect and hold the majority of the data
in the system and both create and consume the utility of the network.

–      Vendors- Parties selling goods and services to clients. (Restaurants, shops)

–       Supply  Chain Participants- Agricultural Producers- People & businesses selling
goods and services to other companies.

–       Data  Economy Participants- People who want to access/use data and information from
other users including advertisers, researchers, and nutrition health


The Mories Token (SAGI) is listed on Top Market Coins exchange and it’s currently paired with  USDT, USDAC, BTC, ETH etc

Taget amount offered 88,888,888


Until now, Mories Token has been funded by its founding team. In order to assure future growth and facilitate a successful launch, Mories Organization will engaged a respected international blockchain marketing and financial group to launch global campaigns and get listed in several exchanges. The intention is to raise sufficient awareness to take the platform to market.

The plan is to list on a top exchange to widely distribute tokens, obtain liquidity, drive awareness. We intend to also list on other exchanges following the initial exchange listing in order to be able to have global trading volume, which additionally catalyzes exposure to new markets. We want to give our users and dApps developers the freedom to choose the Blockchain of their preference and to enable adoption of the assets on other chains. We are creating a bridge of two of the most robust Blockchain networks available today with our Getaways, that anyone can swap native Blockchain SAGI tokens to BSC – Binance Smart Chain SAGI tokens. The exchange ratio is 1:1 and the getaways are using a 0% fee policy.

The additional 888,888,888 SAGI tokens will be launched to support the new projects on the ecosystem of Mories Organization on binance smart chain. They will enable the use of smart applications for artificial intelligence and support the marketing of them.

Tokens are held in a BEP compatible cold wallet. The unlocking of tokens will be handled by the IBGA Foundation. The foundation utilizes multi-signature wallets that the CEO, Head of Finance, Trading Director, and Finance Controller have access to, of which three must be present to unlock funds.

Each user may request the transfer of its tokens to its wallet on BEP 20.


Mories’s token supply consists of 88 milion tokens. We are utilizing 10% of that amount or 8,8 million SAGI tokens towards rapidly building a user base at launch. The tokens will be split 50/50 between Blockchain  and other embedded rewards and affiliate and influencer compensation for link shares that result in a successful registration.

Blockchain rewards 4,4 Million tokens will be embedded in Mories’s Blockchain  and other devices as rewards for users who are registered.

Affiliate and Influencer compensation The other 4,4 million tokens from the budget will be used to compensate affiliates and influencers whose direct link shares result in the paid registration of a Mories Blockchain. We have prepared for the very unlikely event that 100% of registrations will be attributed to affiliates and influencers. Any left over tokens from this will be sent back into the reserve for future marketing purposes. We have set up a link tracking affiliate accounting system which will monitor attribution as we move through launch marketing operations


42% of the tokens will be held in the Mories Reserve and used to develop the project and community as follows;

Operations reserve: 10% of tokens will be kept in an operating reserve that will act as the Mories treasury and will be deployed in a way that will most effectively scale the Mories ecosystem and ensure wide distribution of the SAGI token. We will release our treasury management plans following the public launch of the SAGI token.

Team & Advisors: 20% of the tokens will be released to founders and 20% early team members and advisers over a 3-year period to ensure that the founders and team stay aligned with the long term success of the project and that selling pressure is mitigated.

Token Launch: See above

Bounties/In-App rewards: 3% of the tokens will be given to community members who participate in bounties and who join the Mories ambassador program to grow the network in their region. We will be creating a granular bounty model that considers and rewards all positive behavior in the Mories ecosystem including hosting events, translating materials, sharing content, posting research, making bets, inviting friends, among others.

Marketing & Community development: 4% of the tokens will be reserved for marketing and community development efforts such as hosting tournaments, experiential marketing campaigns, and VIP experiences. This is an important marketing reserve to host campaigns that are large enough in scale with significant enough rewards to create viral events that onboard millions of users.

Network Growth 10% of the SAGI tokens are allocated towards but not limited to SAGI staking pools, Liquidity pools, new exchange listings, and initial liquidity for the new exchanges. Any SAGI tokens that are to be moved for network growth will require a community announcement prior to execution.Funding rounds 23% of tokens are allocated to funding rounds and possible partnerships. Large tranches will be required to participate to the same 3-year lock-in program which restricts the sale of tokens by founders and advisors.

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