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Global Natural Food & Drinks Market was valued at $79,137 million in 2016, and is estimated to reach $191,973 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2017 to 2023.

 Natural food & drinks are minimally processed and free of artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and additives like hydrogenated oils, stabilizers and emulsifiers. But there is no certification or inspection system to ensure that the label is accurate. Nonetheless, this market possesses high growth potential, owing to the fact that several foodservice providers, such as restaurants & hotels are inclined towards providing healthy food & drinks to cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers.

Currently, consumer behaviour is more inclined towards the health & wellness, safety, social impact, and experience in their food purchasing decisions along with the traditional values such as convenience, price, and taste. Thus, increase in emphasis on health & wellness drives the growth of the global natural food & drinks market. Moreover, rise in awareness for healthy food ingredients is expected to deliver the substantial growth opportunity to industry players.

These adjustments bring Mories Organization’s addressable market down to a conservative size of still undiscovered healthy food producers eager to enter the new healthy food trends worldwide. Given a functional platform in year 3, Mories will encourage more customers to use and prefer products with high nutritional values. The niche of Nutritionists, Diet Advisers, Healthy Food Advisers, Athletes have created enormous need of use such products.


The Mories team’s first priority is building out the platform itself. It would be a waste of resources to invest in attracting members to a platform that is yet to be built. The 4 proposed steps of the strategy are outlined below.


During development, the marketing team will focus entirely on brand awareness. Pre-app marketing efforts will be mainly guerrilla marketing and word of mouth, establishing Mories’s affinity to food tech and developing a trustworthy image in multiple niche food communities.


Once the user base has reached a considerable size, the marketing team will pursue product and service providers. Early business adopters will benefit from being among the first to access our users and potentially claim new lifetime customers with their quality products.


Once the platform is built to an MVP level, the team will begin paid marketing to food producers in order to rapidly build an active user base and will utilize the existing partnership with Global Digital Assets to attract the blockchain community. During this initial phase, Mories will build the user base by offering food products with high nutritional values.


With a user base and an active business community in place, the development of the technological ecosystem will begin. Continued development and improvement to the platform, AI, and API will follow ensuring that user expectations are being not only met, but exceeded.


The Mories team has identified 7 key steps necessary to completing an MVP of the working platform. We do not want to set any concrete timelines yet, but given the event of successful funding we’re confident we can complete the steps laid out below within or around 24 months from the date of funding. The following steps will be done in tandem at many phases, a more detailed roadmap will be provided in future versions of the whitepaper.

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