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Our Team

Monica Vulkova PR

Event Manager

Mrs. Monica Vulkova is an experienced PR and event manager for more than a decade. She's responsible for client communications, team buildings as well as organization of events on behalf of Mories Organization Team.

Eleftherios Argyropoulos

Discoverer of 520 proofs of Pythagoras' theorem

Mathematician - researcher, Author of 11 books, Marathon runner, electronic music Composer, holder of two world records in the Guinness Book of Records. Eleftherios Argyropoulos was born in Kalamata on 1st of April in 1967. From his early high school years he showed his great interest in mathematics and physics. Immediately after graduating from high school he began research in mathematics. In 1986 when he was just 19 years old, he designed and produced three skateboard tracks, using analytic geometry, trigonometry and physics. From June 1986 until December 1997 he discovered 525 different proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem and in 2002 he created three mathematical issues and one in physics. Eleftherios is also very interested in long distance runners and electronic music composition. He has run 28 marathons and 18 Ultra marathons. The longest distance he has run, is 170 km from Delphi to Athens on 11th of April in 1998 in 20 hours, 33 minutes, 14 seconds, carrying a torch with Apollonian Light.

Kelly-jo Brougham

Art Director - Production Manager

Mrs. Kelly Jo Brougham is a well known professional performer at the biggest stages in UK and Europe. Her passion about creating unique dance performances and events, quickly gained her top positions as Art Director in many international projects. She’s got a Business Management qualification and  working many years as PA  providing bespoke, luxury entertainment services, worldwide via Farfalle Creative.

Her company Farfalle Creative is an entertainments company. Within there is an umbrella of artistic professionals, who cover every detail to make entertainment great. 

It provides entertainment for one-off events, short term projects and launches, as well as ongoing, long term entertainment contracts with venues and clients.

From make up artists, to light & sound technicians, performance artists, to hair & fashion stylists… We have the training, experience, tools and connections within the industry to provide you with wonderful, luxury entertainment and creative services. 

Branislav Prelevic

Former President of PAOK and professional basketball player

Branislav Prelevic is a former professional basketball player and coach; he’s also the former president of professional basketball club PAOK in Thessaloniki, Greece. He serves as general secretary of Greek- Serbian Chamber of N.Greece and member of the Board of Directors in Organization for Trade Representatives N.Greece. As a part of team of Mories Organization, his relations with other clubs and organizations, provides for better co operation between the members and producers.

Franka Tavero

B2B expert manager

Mrs. Franka Tavero is an specialist for organizing a B2B meetings for our members and clients. Her dedicated work in non government organizations and companies of international capacity, earns her professional vision of who can be your next business partner. She is always ready to advice with the latest digital marketing techniques to give you and your business an edge in 2019 and beyond.


Graphic Designer Marketing Assistant

Mr. George Sotirelis started his career as graphic designer in the early 80s. His talent and creativeness gains him a recognition among the biggest companies in Greece. The marketing agency he represents expand its work quickly and from 2014 has an international presence with office in Soifa, Bulgaria. From the very beginning, the creativity, professionalism and quality were recognized and appreciated by the market. The years that followed, the company proved that works with kindness, compassion, dignity and morals. Mr. Sotirelis searches for fertile circumstances for cooperation with his costumers which is why the industry has the lowest loss of customers.

Tony Bazdharov

Political candidate & Business Advisor

Mr. Tony Bazdharov is an experienced political figure and businessman. As a manager leader in the business of trading goods and facilities, he is the right person to create the political and cultural vision of our organization. Long term partners and members are happy to rely on his professional opinion and advice.

Ana Tasheva

agricultural producer

Mrs. Tasheva has finished her studies at the field of Biology and Chemistry in University of Sofia. She is being part of management board of stock exchange companies with international presence for years. Her passion for quality nature products, bring her back to nature and from 2015, she has biological olive groves in Chalkidiki, Greece. She is one of the olive producers, that Mories Organization works with.

Dimitrios Santorinaios

former Branch Manager North Greece PHILIPS HELLAS SA

Mr. Santorinaios used to work in Philips Hellas SA as branch manager for North Greece – a multinational company of electronics with a staff of 83 individuals and 2 services CE & SDA & Key Account Manager Consumer Lifestyle(SDA Small Domestic Appliances) with local accounts (MASOUTIS,SARAFIDIS,ΗΛΜΑΚ,ΗΟΝDOS,LIDL,MAKRO,PUBLIC,IL. ATHINON) and International Accounts ( CARREFOUR,EXPERT,SEYOS EURONICS,MEDIA MARKT,DIXONS,EL. WORLD) with 7 salesmen and 2 Order Desk in Thessaloniki, Greece. He had continuous training abroad (Category Management/Training New Tools, Customer Service Analysis, Account Channel Management, Activity Based Costing, Price Waterfall etc.) and work-related meetings/presentations abroad at International K.A.M. for the Multinational accounts under his supervision in Greece. The countries which he had activity are Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, France, China.

Gabriela Kurshumova

PR and Journalist

Mrs Gabriela Kurshumova is an experienced journalist and TV reporter. She started her career in one of the biggest national channels in Bulgaria, where her talent was highly appreciated. Her professionalism and dedication to deliver the highest quality results send her to position as Director of Quality Control and Promotions Department in the television. Since then she continues to develop her skills and is a successful PR organizer. Mories is glad to have her in our team.

Darina Petrova

Legal Adviser

Darina Petrova is a partner in the Sofia office. With over 11 years of experience in Bulgaria, Darina has carried on a varied practice, which has included a number of key positions with various Bulgarian government ministries. Darina focuses on helping to facilitate the entry and continued viability of foreign corporations and investors doing business in Bulgaria. Boris has led teams of lawyers on legal due diligence investigations in view of planned acquisition of business and/or real estates in Bulgaria. Experience includes: the acquisition and sale of real estate; construction and development (including FIDIC); joint ventures; planning and zoning; environmental issues; property management; financing of real estate transactions; realisation of security over real estate assets; real estate management contracts; leasing – commercial and office (both tenant and landlord side); construction litigation; and arbitration and negotiated settlement. Darina has advised on, drafted and negotiated remediation schemes, appointments of environmental consultants and contractors, risk analysis and risk transfer, bespoke environmental insurance, financial bonding and the licensing requirements of new remediation technologies. Bar Admissions / Qualifications: Sofia, Bulgaria. Languages: Bulgarian, English and German.

Jan Akerman

Top Head Chef

Mr. Jan Akerman is a respected worldwide top chef. His international professional career had begun from 1981. He’s been a top chef of the famous restaurant brands in Stockholm, Sweden and in Australia. He is always controlling and directing the food preparation process and any other relative activities to gain the best quality from the products he works with and to preserve it. His attention to detail, business sense, creativity and culinary expertise, makes him essential part of the team, when it comes to be presented new culinary creations and constructing menus with food products.

Vaska Bazdharova

PR and business relations

Mrs. Vaska Bazdharova is an experienced business woman and president of companies dealing with financial services and investments. She is highly motivated and successful in establishing international relations as well as opening a new sales channels around the world. Vaska has assertiveness, action-mindedness, risk-taking and problem-solving abilities. However, she also acquires other qualities to succeed and overcome the many obstacles she face at the workplace.

Boris Ivanov

International Legal Services

Boris Ivanov is an international legal adviser with long term experience in corporate / banking & finance. He represents lenders and borrowers on credit facilities, structured and project finance and general banking and treasury issues. Boris also represents borrowers, banks and companies with respect to project lending, investment and debt. He has over 15 years of experience working on major transactions in Bulgaria, having worked with a leading Bulgarian law firm earlier in his career. He has extensive public policy experience, having held senior government public policy positions in the Government of Bulgaria. In addition to banking & finance and corporate matters, Boris also provides coverage of real estate and construction (including practice with FIDIC agreements), competition, investment, employment, litigation, public procurement, concessions and environmental law. Boris has led teams of lawyers on legal due diligence investigations in view of planned acquisition of business and/or real estates in Bulgaria. With strong experience in Bulgarian joint stock and limited liability companies, Boris is adept at advising clients in relation to share and asset deals, tender offers, spinoffs, restructurings and acquisitions out of bankruptcy. Bar Admissions / Qualifications: Sofia, Bulgaria. Languages: English, German, Russian and Bulgarian. Education: Doctorate candidate – Bonn University. Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany, LL.M. Comparative Law, 2003. Faculty of Law, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski, LL.M., 2000.

Dr. Tun Min

General Practitioner in NHS UK

Dr. Tun Min is an experienced clinician in United Kingdom. He's a passionate general practitioner as a dedicated science researcher running a blog about probiotics and supplements ( and benefits of their consumption. He's providing a useful content and trying to tighten the connection between traditional medicine and needs of each patient. A dedicated humanist, he provides researches high knowledge level proving the thesis of Hippocrates -Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Raffaele del Zingaro

International DJ Producer

Born in Naples, Raffaele del Zingaro is an international DJ and producer. . Having trained in production and mixing techniques by Marco Corvino and Gaetano Savio, Raffa went on to take a degree in ‘Producer of Music and Live Performer’ from the NUT Academy of Electronic Music and Digital Arts, as well as the Steinberg Certification for Cubase and live of Ableton Programs. Collaborations include DJ From Mars and Cristian Marchi. Raffa is currently the creator, coordinator and artistic director for the only EDM music movement in Naples with his group, “4 The Beat”. Raffa’s continued interest, background and experience ensures a quality, on-trend sound, no matter the dynamics of the venue.

Nicholas Mitsiu

Professional Speech Therapist

Born in Kastoria, Nicholas Mitsiu is an international speech therapist. . Fluent in Serbian and graduated from University of Belgrade. Mr. Mitsiu have collaborated in many professional speech publications and seminars for training. Mr. Mitsiu is currently the creator and coordinator of Stereophonic 3D real-time sound and speech processor. A technological tool for more effective and faster rehabilitation of speech disorders. He is also a creator of special speech therapy software for android devices.

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