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Apple Vinegar Due Vittorie by Modena

This apple cider vinegar is obtained by the traditional method of production of balsamic vinegar: through the slow fermentation of the best apple juice.
This method allows to obtain a full-bodied product characterized by a strong apple scent.
The texture is velvety and enveloping the palate, vinegar has a pungent and fresh taste that does not cover but it counterbalances to a nice sugary aftertaste.
Therefore it turns out to be a very versatile condiment that goes well with many different types of food.
If used in cooking, it personalizes the dish without covering it, releasing its characteristic flavors and aromas.
Used natural on salads or green tasty boiled vegetables it enhances the taste by giving a special touch to these simple dishes.
It goes well with also slightly spicy cheeses as Emmental or with sweeter taste like Gruyère.



Due Vittorie, situated in the heart of the province of Modena, works with Modena in its heart and is a fine example of the genuine quality agricultural industry of the Emilia area.

Due Vittorie is 100% Modenese, and stems from the passion and commitment of Davide Maletti, whose family comes from Modena, who decided to produce a balsamic vinegar that carefully follows the traditions of his homeland.
The Company Due Vittorie has its headquarters in Soliera, in the heart of Lambrusco area of Sorbara. This area is well-known the fertility soils and for the production of balsamic vinegar – the famous ” Balsamic Vinegar of Modena”.

Surrounded by its own vineyards – for the production of the raw material – the company continues to work according to tradition. A cohabitation of heritage and modern technology.

The production methods used by Due Vittorie emphasize the authenticity and quality of raw materials and gives a naturally dense product.
The Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar has been awarded the PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) certificate, is a natural, unique and exquisite product and has no colourings or preservatives.

Today, the Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is recognized as a special dressing. It is used by top chefs from all over the world and is number one seller, in Italy, amongst the branded 250ml sales, according to Nielsen data since Sept. 2010.


Obtained by the traditional method of production of balsamic vinegar, through the slow fermentation of the best apple juice.


Available in the 250 ml and 500 ml sizes

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