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Bartolini White Truffle Flavoured Oil



In Umbria the cultivation of olive trees has ancient origins, starting from the Etruscan age, and it has always been associated with a simple and harmonious lifestyle, that follows the rhythms of nature. That is exactly on the Umbrian hills that in 1850 the history of Frantoio Bartolini started and it has been based on the family business for six generations. The firm started as a small oil mill with animal-drawn machinery and over the years it grew and increased the production, always maintaining the direct control of the production chain of its products. It is thanks to the trace-ability of the production chain that a lot of Bartolinis’ products can boast the “Umbrian” name of origin.
To obtain a high- quality extra virgin olive oil, it is important to respect specific criteria during the milling of olives. In fact, this is one of the most delicate steps of the entire production process. Milling operations need a short time from the moment of the harvest, 12 hours at most, in order to fully preserve the freshness of the fruit. That is why the mill, producing the olives works also during the night.

All our dressings derive from the extra virgin olive oil we produce and they are realized to flavour in a new and creative way every kind of dish.
The range of dressings comprises the White and Black Truffle flavoured oils, which are a natural combination between the unmistakable aroma of truffles and the great natural taste of extra virgin olive oil, together with flavours such as porcini mushrooms, hot pepper, basil, rosemary, garlic and lemon.
The simple way of making our dressings is to knowingly adding flavours to the extra virgin olive oil, the following filtering process and the addition of part of the ingredients used.
A few drops of our flavoured oils are sufficient to give dishes a unique taste, without altering their natural one.
Available in the following size: 100 ml, 250 ml

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250ml, 100ml

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