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Borlotti Italian Beans by Bartolini



In Umbria the cultivation of olive trees has ancient origins, starting from the Etruscan age, and it has always been associated with a simple and harmonious lifestyle, that follows the rhythms of nature. That is exactly on the Umbrian hills that in 1850 the history of Frantoio Bartolini started and it has been based on the family business for six generations. The firm started as a small oil mill with animal-drawn machinery and over the years it grew and increased the production, always maintaining the direct control of the production chain of its products. It is thanks to the trace-ability of the production chain that a lot of Bartolinis’ products can boast the “Umbrian” name of origin.
In this land, which is difficult to cultivate because of its unevenness, Bartolini seed legumes and cereals. Their processing requires skill, passion and knowledge of the right times, but this devotion rewards with high- quality products. With this selection of legumes and cereals, we offer a range of traditional products, being careful about nature and an accurate and respectful agriculture.
After the legumes and cereals are harvested, they are immediately cleaned. In the mill, it’s used a modern stone grinding plant that, working at low temperatures, fully preserves the properties of cereals. It is obtained an excellent flour with high-quality nutritional qualities, that presents an irregular granulometry, a high concentration of bran and a total conservation of the germ.
From an ancient agricultural tradition of Bartolini family, these natural and genuine products complete the main oil production of the company.
Borlotti beans, as the other legumes, are a decent source of fibers, but also vitamins (in particular A, B,C, E) and minerals (iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium).
The product is packaged in 500 gr.

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