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Italian recipe for salsa tomato puree

Sweet, red, dense, suitable for first sauces, traditional sauces and gourmet recipes.Red tomato sauce, packaged in glass jars of 240 gr and 690 gr



We are pleased to welcome you in a small world, made of simple and daily motions, embraces, laughs and hard work for beloved land of Alburni Mountains in the village of Palmonte, Salerno.

In this place there’s a family farm which cultivates its own vegetables, in open fields. They crop their excellent raw materials, vegetables and tomatoes that come from seeds of local authentic varieties.

Vegetables that they process by hand in their laboratory, located right on the fields. In this way its been decreased the steps of the production chain and guarantee the freshness of each preparation.

Only in this way can they offer healthy and good products and at the same time preserve the biodiversity of the places where we grew up.

They are knotted to the taste of the traditions of the past, those that their grandparents taught them and that they will pass on to their children. The culture of raw materials, the knowledge of good products and the best preparation processes means for them the respect of our origins.

This is all you can find entering in “Casa Iuorio”, a window that invites you to enter and discover a genuine atmosphere, to look with your eyes the product’s characteristics and to taste all the flavors, typical of the Mediterranean diet.

Tomatoes: tomatoes fillets “Pacchetelle”, peeled and sauces

Tomato is one of the main protagonist of the pantry. Freshly picked, with its fresh taste and inviting scent, it is an icon of tradition.

In the family farm its been selected several traditional varieties of tomato, linked to the areas of the region to transform them and obtain premium preserves such as peeled tomato, tomato sauce, tomato in brine, or tomato in Pacchetelle (sliced in two part in brine).

Among the varieties you can find sunshine tomato (pomodoro a’ sole): red and round, corpulent and sweet. It needs just sun and little water to grow. The rays of the sun stimulate the maturation and in the farm the sun never fails, since they practice open field agriculture, which does not include the use of greenhouses.

This traditional tomato variety has an important quantity of lycopene than the usual tomatoes we buy at the supermarket. And lycopene brings lot of benefits to our health.

Red Datterino and Yellow Datterino are the other varieties produced in the farm. This variety is characterized by a particularly sweet and a delicate taste. You can find it in different variants: in brine, in sauce, whole in sauce or in pacchetelle.

They also grow the long red tomato: thin skin, thick pulp, delicate flavour. They pick it up and transform it by hand to obtain peeled tomato in juice, ideal to give taste to many dishes.

The oval red tomato closes the types present in the gardens: the shape resembles to a small light bulb, the skin is full-bodied and hard, the flesh sweet and compact.

The family preserves are made by hand: peeled, pureed, sauces, natural tomatoes and pacchetelle born from the family passion for tomatoes. All their recipes are integrally made by hand and in the respect of ancient recipes.
Red tomato sauce, packaged in glass jars of 240 gr and 690 gr.

Sweet, red, dense, suitable for first sauces, traditional sauces and gourmet recipes.

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240gr, 690gr

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