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Marmaro Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

This olive oil comes from olives of the Halkidiki variety when they are green and raw. It is of low acidity and of high level of polyphenols and rich in antioxidants.



Mories presents early harvest extra olive oil, that comes from Greek olives of Halkidiki variety. The harvest takes place from 15 September til 15 October when the olives are unripe.
The name “MARMARO” comes from one of the area where our olive groves are located. MARMARO means marble in Greek language. The early harvest olive oil has 0.27 acidity and polyphenols (484 mg/kg) giving it a health claim. It is characterized by a strong flavor and a bitter and spicy taste.

The product is offered in glass bottle 500 ml.

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