The Quality Regulation refers to individual persons, collective cooperative organizations or legal entities.

1. All individual or legal entities and schemes should apply for their registration where there should be an attachment which complies with the requirements of this regulatory framework.

2. All individual persons, associations or legal entities should sign a cooperation and acceptance agreement of the High Nutrition Product Quality Regulation.

3. Cooperation Agreements

(a) For individual persons and legal entities, the organization will be able to perform control over all the production stages and over the final product- which are involved in the production of high nutritional value products, as well as the control of documents relating to the processing of the product (e.g. final olive product- olives or olive oil),

(b) For collective cooperative organizations except the regulations of article 3 a, to be able to establish control and will be required the collective schemes and complete register the natural persons, they represent and to encode the information below: 13 letters codes of location, where production grows, grooves and places of cultivation, processing of their products (in personal units or external partners), date of harvest and storage of the production.

4. For all unrecognized products by institution, will be required all the history of the product and the legal entity involved in its production.

5. The complete information about the producer and his/her cultivation will be processed accordingly ( example: Integrated administration and control system (IACS), 14-digit groove or farm number, etc.).

6. Good agricultural practice will be observed.

7. All necessary certificates for organic products shall be presented as well as any certificates of biological conformity relating to the cultivation process or legal entity itself.

8. A statement of responsibility for natural persons will be provided and at least for the last three applications of pesticides (chemical use) with the exact product used and exact dates of application will be stated.

9. A certificate of non-genetically modified products will be required.

10. Laboratory analyses shall be carried out in laboratories accredited or accredited by the National Accreditation System and not in laboratory analyses of collective schemes or legal entities. Even if there is any quality assurance, in order to ensure the customers of the impartiality of controls.

11. Each natural, collective or legal person will be given a unique number associated with the producer (s) or their collective schemes or their representatives and the product they produce and cultivate.

12. The unique number and the exact product origin (14-digit field, estate, unit) can appear to customers and all market participants as a product verification and traceability tool.

13. All documents relating to the production process up to the final customer should bear an issue number, issue date and page number when the form is more than one page.

14. Product quality and traceability documents should be available for at least 2 years.

15. Personnel working in production and processing sites should follow the requirements of good practice to ensure the protection of primary production, the environment and the consumer.

16. Companies of any form should adhere to good practice rules for the protection of products, services, the environment, employees, owners and consumers.

17. These rules can be changed anytime without any need of approval from the Council of Mories Team. They have been created to ensure that all the products, farmers and members involved in the organization, have the required quality standards and verify the good standing of the products offered to the consumers around the world.

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