Seed Saving Initiative Protecting Biodiversity for Future Generations


Roughly 100,000 global plant varieties are endangered today. Extreme weather events, over-exploitation of ecosystems, habitat loss, and a lack of public awareness threaten future plant biodiversity.
Conservation techniques, such as the creation of seed banks and seed exchanges among farmers, gardeners, and even nations, play an important role in preserving ancient, heirloom varieties of important food crops.

Saving seeds doesn’t only help improve agricultural biodiversity, but helps farmers and researchers find varieties of crops that grow better in different regions, especially as the impacts of climate change become evident.
Many farmers groups, non-profits, and governments are conserving crops in their own communities — International Bulgarian Greek Organization under the management of European Council of Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Baltic countries are proud to announce a new collaboration with Mories Organization in attempt to improve the agricultural biodiversity in Mediterranean Region.
Farmers and researchers are welcomed to exchange knowledge and seeds to reproduce them and spread them in the local communities. Everyone interested are welcomed to contact us at and get involved in the programme. Join Mories way of life.


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