The Galano Metaggitsi Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the international market


The international organization Mories is the global leader in introducing healthy nutrition and products with high nutritional value. One of them is the extra virgin olive oil “Galano Metaggitsi” from Halkidiki, Greece. A product with a PDO (protected designation of origin), that is gaining more and more ground in foreign markets.

Mories’ philosophy is to develop the culture of high nutritional value to the end consumer even in the grocery store, ensuring that the goods provided by it, meet all of the above specifications from production to standardization.

The benefits of Halkidiki Olive Oil are well known to all. This is how the “Galano Metaggitsi” entered the international market and is sold in many places abroad. Its reputation even went further, with a case in Germany where a Greek man tried to sell another olive oil, claiming it is Galano Metaggitsi. Of course, the distribution of this fake product was perceived by law and prohibited to continue.


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