Updating partnership for our members to exclusivity – Mories organization and Greek company Eu Gaia


The partnership with the Greek company Eu Gaia, that our organization Moires has is for all the world market. For the Bulgarian Market the partnership had become exclusive with the rights only Mories Organization to be partner for Perla brand products.

Yesterday 31st of October 2019, the Greek company producer of the brand Perla- impressive dishes- Eu Gaia, had concluded a fruitful co operation with the representatives of the law department of Mories Organization. Mr. Georgios Sterianopoulos our legal team adviser together with the General Manager of Eu Gaia- Mr. Nektarios Taflandis had discussed the details of the excusive partnership agreement for the rights of the Perla brand products for the Bulgarian Market.

 Both representatives of the two parties discussed the new opportunities and the marketing strategy for the presentation of the product range list to the publicity.

We can wish them many successes and good start and welcome again in our organization.

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