Beef with Carlo Cracco – the Italian Michelin star chef


One of the foremost proponents of progressive Italian cuisine, Carlo Cracco is regarded as something of a pioneer. He has won fame in Italy and beyond for his innovative treatment of traditional recipes, and his stylish, often playful food has earned him recognition among the world’s greatest chefs. Perhaps this should come as no surprise, since Cracco witnessed the birth of modern Italian cuisine first-hand in the kitchen of his great mentor, Gualtiero Marchesi .

Cracco’s food made him famous, but his appearances on Italian TV have made him a star. On shows such as MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen he has sealed his place in the Italian national consciousness. He has also written a series of cookbooks, including Cracco: Sapori in Movimento (Cracco: Flavours in Motion), and A Qualcuno Piace Cracco (Some Like Cracco), which delves into the archives of Italian regional cooking.

Let’s enjoy one of them:

Beef top blade with celeriac purée and pomegranate
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