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Mories takes its clients in the field of gourmet Mediterranean premium product

“Edible luxury” best describes gourmet food. Instead of being defined as any specific group of foods, gourmet food is a somewhat nebulous idea about the relative quality and rareness of ingredients and methods of preparation. Although typically associated with rich and elaborate food, some items have made a crossover into more everyday cooking, and a touch of gourmet can be found in many homes.

Many chefs and connoisseurs view gourmet food as a form of art. It is about creating something original that is not seen at the dinner menu of every other restaurant in town. It is about cooking with passion and madness, and putting your heart into the food. Gourmet food is usually presented with a bit of artistic flair, so it is appealing to the eye. Gourmet food is associated mostly with sensory pleasures other than sustenance alone. Many industry professionals spend tremendous amount of time and resources, devoting themselves to cultivating refined tastes. They create a classy restaurant which has higher menu prices but is worthwhile. They are not only offering thing that pertains to food but they also cover the entire experience, with unique presentation, excellent service and pleasant atmosphere. People who want to taste fine foods, and have the means to afford it, can go to great lengths in order to satisfy their taste buds. There are, of course, many other reasons why people prefer gourmet food, as it’s refine and healthy.

Mories accepts the challenge to create a list of selection of fine Mediterranean products, with high nutritional value to prepare its customers for new journey of the tastes.  We will keep you posted with the fancy food selection – visit our e-shop, great recipes to apply them and advises from professionals in the field.

We want you to experience food creations from different destinations worldwide, which is healthy and guarantee best quality. The food range we will present you is carefully selected by our team, so that you will know food products with history, made with devotion and good for your health.

Let us take to our first destination in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mories Organization in Sofia

We are interested in collaboration with producers of high quality food. If you believe your food product, deserves global recognition, please contact us and send presentation. Our team will be happy to answer your request. You can contact us directly to or via our contact form.

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