Mories in the magic of Full moon Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Mories Organization is happy to present a new collaboration with one of the most awarded Spanish olive oil in the world- The Full Moon!!!

This oil is produced with the Arbequina olives harvested during the full moon of October. It holds an intense golden-yellow color with some touches of green. Its elegant flavor is rich with nuances that remind us of freshly-cut grass.

Its flavor is full and sophisticated. Full Moon is UNIQUE as it’s produced under the influence of the each new full moon of October annually only once. It’s when the powerful olive trees have reached their full intensifying and fruity aroma.

Mythology says that the oil elaborated from such olives contains various magic powers, and is the symbol of eternal love, health and fortune.

One magic experience for the senses- highly recommended for fish dishes, salads and well combined with the balsamic vinegar of the estate.

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