Mories Organization to accept payments in Bitcoin


Not only Tesla accepts Bitcoin as payment method

Following the trend of the crypto currencies, Mories Organization is proud to inform its members that the organization is launching its own payment option for the crypto currency holders.

From the middle of April, our customers and members will be able to shop their favourite food products and to pay in Bitcoin. To support and encourage all our business partners and customers to embrace the new era of technology development and offer the same products with high nutritional values.

The payment in the crypto currencies will be commission free and will enable peer-to-peer products for crypto currencies. For wholesales we will enable a special promotions, when the selected method of payment is preferred.

Following the example of the big names in the business, not only Tesla but Mories Organization is adopting fast to the new conditions of the financial markets. Our team of legal and financial advisers will be happy to answer all your questions and support your success.

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