Naturally Italian: the Made in Italy that appeals to the global market at Tutto Food


The growth of Italian agri-food exports continues, in a healthy and sustainable post-Covid future. The out-of-home sector is recovering, as it tries to recover from the standstill caused by the pandemic.

Agriculture is one of the top places in Europe and one of the top ten worldwide, with a good eighth place that is reflected in 46.1 billion euros in exported products. This is what emerges from the data analysis carried out by the PwC Studies Office for TUTTOFOOD, which shows us how Italy closed 2020 with a 2.5% increase in agri-food products exported abroad and an 11% increase in 2021 this year alone.

Germany, France and the USA are the first three destination markets that appreciate, in particular, our wine production, which accounts for 9.3% in terms of export volume, followed by fruit and vegetable products and the dairy industry, which account for almost 8% in volume. First in Europe but on the podium as second internationally for its excellent wine production, which occupies 21.4% of the intercontinental market. Consumption forecasts from 2021 to 2024, outlined by the International Monetary Fund, show a rapid recovery of Italian exports, even in the fish sector, by almost 10%, and in the dairy sector, which is growing by about 7.9%

Also noteworthy is a 6 billion euro increase in restaurant sales, which is consequently beginning to make up for the huge losses in the second quarter of 2020. 84.3% of entrepreneurs bet on a recovery in the out-of-home food sector, despite the fact that the pandemic has made Italians accustomed to eating at home, but also more local and more open to the healthy and organic. Currently 81% of Italians prefer sustainable products and in easily recyclable packaging, with a conception of organic and Made in Italy that is expected to be increasingly felt in 2022.

Trends that can be tasted, savoured and touched live at TUTTOFOOD, at Fiera Milano from October 22 to 26, in conjunction with HostMilano and MEAT-TECH.

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