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Gold Flakes



Gold Flakes are perfect for adding a touch of light to main dishes and pastries due to their size. Edible gold is no longer exclusive to chefs and caterers but can be used by the home cook.

The flakes come in an easy to use shaker. The beautiful packaging makes this product an ideal gift.
23.5K Gold Flakes will be sure to bring attention towards your work. Try out a sample today!


Gold that is 23K or a higher karat can be heated up to 325° Fahrenheit (162° Celsius) without change in shape or its shine.
Gold Leaf should not come in contact with humidity or steam. Do not touch with fingers or hands.

The product is 200 mg in beautifully glass jar.

Available in: 200 mg,500 mg 1 gr For 10 grams or more, contact us for discounts:

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