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Olives with garlic are suitable as a snack on the Tapas table, in salads and as a starter dish . The tasty olives are grown in northeastern Greece, on the Chalkidiki Peninsula, which has given the name to the variety. Immediately after harvest, the olives are tossed and filled with a garlic. The two delicacies together create a taste experience that is at the same time soft and delicate. The garlic’s spicy and strong taste adds a distinct flavor, making our Green stuffed fresh garlic olives an ideal snack or appetizer.


  • The largest olives in the world
  • A wonderfully fruity, mild, clean taste
  • Deep jade color makes a stunning presentation on antipasta platters and martinis
  • Packaged beautifully in a keepsake glass jar – 395 ml
  • Imported directly from Greece

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