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Orange Blossom Honey in Luxury Gift Package E-LA-WON



The honey from orange blossoms is easily recognized by its different color. It has a lighter, bright yellow-orange color similar to the color of the orange fruit. The aroma is wonderful and it has a very refreshing taste. It is produced from orange blossoms so it is rich in vitamins and fits perfectly in your breakfast!

ELAWON‘s purpose is to produce and deliver products with authentic Greek flavors as it was 3500 years before. The company also tries to show the Mediterranean diet, while trying to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

The orange tree is considered to be a spring of nectar. The orange blossom honey entails the aromas and the flavors of the Peloponnese orchards, from Asteri, Lakonia.

Color: Light, bright yellow-orange.
Aroma – Flavor: Intense, vivid aroma of blossoms, very sweet aftertaste of honeycomb.

Nutritional value & other qualitative characteristics:

  • diminishes the anxiety,
  • with antioxidant properties,
  • accommodates the iron absorption
  • remedy the anemia, the migraine and the gastritis.

Crystallization: Orange blossom honey is crystallized very quickly, in 2-3 months.
Calorific value: 15gr of orange blossom honey contain 49 calories.

Main ingredients:

  • contains lots of micronutrients and amino acids
  • very rich in zinc

The product jar is 280gr

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