Thallon Extra Virgin Olive Oil going certified and organic!


Mories Organization is proud to announce that our members from Thallon olive oil had upgraded their Greek extra virgin olive oil, high polyphenolic, early harvest  production for season 2020/2021 to organic.

Mr Dimitris and Mr Andreas Tsikouris were born and raised in Ormylia, Chalkidiki, Greece. They have truly shown their love and respect for the blessed olive tree since they were kids. Their vision to produce their own olive oil, gave birth to THALLON- a natural product rich in phenols and with extremely low acidity.

The olive grooves of the brothers are located in Halkidiki and the variety is Hondroelia, Halkidikis. Harvesting is entirely hand picked, so that the olive fruit is not injured. Then, the olive fruits pass through careful sorting, where leaves and inappropriate fruits are removed. 

They use an organic fertilizer from a cereal source on their soil and removes all weeds and shrubs around the trees by hand.

To be totally organic, the entire processing of the olives, including crushing cleaning and filtering, must be done in thoroughly cleaned equipment. The brothers do not have a mill on their plantation so has to reserve a mill for their olives making sure that the cleaning protocol is respected.

Standards are high in organic farming. At one random control session, examiners collected around 25 kilos of olives from different areas of their farm. The olives were tested at a certified laboratory for 83 different norms before producers obtained their license for organic olive producing, a nerve-wracking time for anyone awaiting approval.

The brothers like their olives to be fruity. “We pick them when they are green and are often one of the first to start picking.” they explained. They takes their produce to the mill in near Peloponnese and collect their oils immediately. Olive oil extraction takes place no later than 24 hours after the harvest. The harvested olives are transported to the mill in perforated crates, where they are initially washed with drinking water and then olive oil extraction follows, which is done mechanically. They follow procedures that are applied in an exemplary and meticulous manner, aiming the production of high quality. Their bottled pure virgin olive oil has high phenolic, early harvest recognition at present.

“We hope to invest in our own mill one day they said. Then we will be totally organic.”

Besides respecting the environment, organic olive oil producers are responding to a demand. Public opinion that organic food is healthier than conventional is strong and continues to grow throughout.

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