Mories white paper


Mories Organization- an innovative movement for social sensitivity of customer needs

A mission is possible – everyone to have access to clean, natural food with high nutritional values


Mories is a non-governmental organization created to support certified high-quality food products from all over the Mediterranean. Its goal is to create a culture in customers, to consume products with high nutritional value.

In order to select and offer a food product, the organization has an active quality control mechanism. Each producer is checked individually – what practice of growing raw materials is applied, how they are processed to reach the end user. The team, require a complete chemical analysis of the goods and refer to their useful qualities.

Mories guarantee the right of everyone to have access to good, clean and quality food at an affordable price. They work to introduce consumers to quality goods and distribute them, because this is the main factor in creating good eating habits.

Currently Mories operates active on the food market and food service business in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Luxemburg, Malta, Croatia, Poland, USA. Our clients are delicatessen shops, hotels, restaurants and selected trade centres and chains. Our products can be find in Harrods, Sainsbury’s, Galleries Lafayette, KaDeWe and selected stores for high nutritional value food products.

  • Covid 19 & Mories Organization- Challenges & Opportunities

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused dramatic and unprecedented upheaval to socio-economic norms since first reported. Its impacts upon health systems, governments, and businesses alike with unprecedented implications for companies worldwide. Mories’ clients, partners and members shown concerns of the way how people can reach faster quality food products from the organization as most of the food service market is still suffering economic regress. The unlimited financial support offered from the EU for companies, business entities and agricultural producers seems to be not enough to restart the previously working model with all the restrictions in the law and all safety measures to be taken into consideration in order to be avoid the spread of the disease.

Taking in consideration the advice of the World Health Organization that people must follow healthy food lifestyle in order to preserve their well-being. Mories Organization took action into launching campaigns for offering food products to end customers. Consumers will want to maximise their health in order to boost their immunity and reduce vulnerability to disease and illness. 

Research has found that a total of 76 percent of consumers across the globe say that they are concerned about the coronavirus, whilst 59 percent say that they have become more conscious about their overall health and 57 percent about their immunity. As a result of this, 73 percent of consumers say that they plan to eat and drink healthier.

Mories step forward with strategy plan to face the challenges and offer more opportunities to engage the food producers, to encourage the variety of healthy lines they offer to be strictly focused on the end customer and fulfil his expectation. Mories’ expert team requires completing a good practices of agricultural cultivation and has given a specific regulation to the agricultural producers of how to become approved by it. Complete chemical analysis is required together with monitoring at each stage of cultivation. After completing the whole set of examination process, at final stage the products are being uploaded and offer to the network of Mories.


Mories Organization has established ecosystem of agricultural producers from which the products are being forward to distributed points (trade centers, hotels, food chains, restaurants) and then they reach the final end customer.

On few occasions only the organization can provide end customer experience, when the products cannot be found in the region, where he is settled, through e-shop on the organization.

Another part of the ecosystem are the chefs of restaurants, which prefer to reach quality products at first hand to offer them to their clients. Mories Highly supports Food and Taste Education and has its own programmes and workshops for children and families to help them get engaged in the process of preparing food.

 This campaigns together combined with experiences marketing team support, gives opportunities for brand recognition of new product lines from the agricultural producers. All the campaigns when executed are being promoted in the social media channels of the organization, which has more than 1 000 000 visitors, followers and users.

The goal of the organization is to create more educational video materials in order to present to the public the bio diversity of the foods and their use in healthy lifestyle, including and focusing in the Mediterranean Diet.

FURUTE GOALS: Creating new digital places for the network to get involved. As the current food expo are unreachable at the moment, Mories find solution on supporting the social events, to create them and support the connections between its members, clients and producers. Our next mission is creating a digital expo via platform and spread the needs of the movement to educate more about healthy lifestyle and Mediterranean Diet.

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