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Mories Organization is a layered solution to a number of challenges in the food market industry. Core components of Mories’s architecture are the QR code identification system, the generalized document storage system and the data marketplace, as well as creating a digital place for exposure of healthy product food lines and brand recognition. Mories uses a combination of block chain smart contracts, distributed storage and peer-to-peer communications to organize and normalize collected information and facilitate personalized AI and data monetization.


The tech world faces many challenges regarding how to handle general data protection regulation (GDPR), the “right to be forgotten”, and the possession/retention of data. Mories Organization aims to attack these problems at the source. In our view, most of these challenges are resolved with a new approach to data architecture that doesn’t presume that all data must first be centrally stored and then carefully managed. The Mories approach rests on user custody of their own data and information sharing on a need-to-know basis. Users are given control and insight into sharing proposals, tools to anonymize shared information, and currency in exchange for cooperation.


Mories creates the bottom layer of architecture about addressing these concerns with a censorship-resistant, privacy-focused solution. Users must be able to reap the benefits of the system without surrendering data to the system. Mories’s bottom layer is a platform-agnostic, privacy-first, general-purpose data storage layer that uses block chain and distributed storage. This layer provides sovereign ownership of data, suitable for a period of increasing concern about data privacy.

The next challenge is that authentication in all forms is at cross purposes with user privacy. Distinguishing between users is important for practical reasons but this does not imply that the persons behind the IDs necessarily need to be revealed. Similarly, confirming the authenticity of data reports is vital if the data is to be trusted. But, identifying an accountable individual is not the way to do so. Rather, it is one way to do it, and not the best we can do.

Mories reframes data authentication by proving that data was collected by specified methods (e.g. type of device), by producers with certain properties (e.g food products), and gains the food products high nutritional value with certain properties (e.g. chemical analysis, recommended ingredients, healthy ingredients). The Mories proving grammar expresses such requirements. Mories proofs establish those facts without revealing which user or which device.

A third challenge relates to well-known edge cases. With so much data under the users’ control, it’s important that the users themselves are protected from data loss that could result if the files were in their physical possession. And, with everything relying on their digital identities it’s important to have solutions for key recovery and probate. Mories solves for data persistence using reliable distributed storage, and for key recovery in a way that greatly simplifies Blockchain user onboarding and using the system with multiple devices such as a smartphone and a laptop.

The benefit to users is custody of their own information and fine-grained control of information disclosure to others even while they enjoy the features and conveniences of applications. Moriesl’s solution addresses the rising demand for strong data privacy in applications of all kinds.


It is well-known that data is valuable, in the aggregate. Mories proposes that food products data must, therefore, have economic value. Centralized data collection systems generally fail to recognize and account for the value of individual data points. The result is the formation of massive companies built on processes that harvest vast amounts of data, without paying for it fairly, then trading it for considerable value.

There are legitimate reasons to create large datasets with informed consent. Scientific studies and marketing studies need data. Such studies are costly and rely on information provenance. Generally, things that are worth doing have economic value. Mories organizes verifiable data under user control and enables trade. Mories creates a new market of facts.

Mories is a price-discovery marketplace for high-quality and provable information. Users will be offered Mories Tokens to provide specific information. For example, consider a study related to a vegan consumer eating a certain type of food. The buyer would specify qualifying products, the well-being data requested (and qualifying methods of collection), and the bid for qualified responses. The user would take the offer by providing proof-of-purchase of qualifying products, and well-being metrics that meet the criteria for the study. All of this would be anonymous, transparent, and done with the user’s consent.

Phased Build Out

The next step is developing the user experience (UX) that would enable any user to be comfortable using the platform. Once Mories Platform is launched, the development of the UX will begin, likely taking 36-48 months.

By having better on boarding than any other system in operation and knowing our customers better, the Mories platform offering has the potential to become the leader in the healthy food industry.

Mories Platform eventually intends to become a decentralized app store for anything healthy food related. This will encourage others to come and build on top of their layers. The existing architecture will attract other developers because it will quickly help people get to the market.

The first step in the build-out is achieving network effects and a non-trivial user base so Mories platform can attract vendors, developers, and other participants to the network.

Technology Stack

Mories’s technology stack will consist of the blockchain, devices, POS and variety of mobile front end applications.

The platform is to be built out on the blockchain because it is considered to be the most decentralized, established, and successful smart contract platform.

The Mories design team has devoted considerable effort to resolving transaction volume scaling and the user experience. The system is to be  designed to minimize the load on the blockchain network and to minimize the cognitive load on end-users. We will use blockchain to prove, minimalistically, the authenticity of claims exchanged between peers. We use Mories Token to abstract away implementation details such as paying for gas.

The QR code, or Inter Planetary File System, is a protocol and network that delivers a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system.

Similar to a torrent, this system allows users to not only receive but also host content. This system will be built around a decentralized system of user-operators who hold a portion of the overall data, creating a resilient system of file storage and sharing.

Users are elevated to the level of full participants in the system they can read all the information available, track the records of all history of the food product, see the nutrition benefits, receive information about its use, recipes, useful healthy tips. The users can obtain further knowledge about the products, with messages to the system and to the producers.

The Digital Expo Center will give the opportunity for the agricultural producers via conference call to be able to present their products and new lines to the public, to upload information about their business, presentation of the products and easy communicate with retailers and distributors in different counties. It will serve the need of immediate promotion of the brands and further recognition by the public.

The Food service legal entities (restaurants, hotels, shops) will have the ability to be voted by the users for their services and to gain recognition for their work.

The process is intuitive but contrary to traditional privacy controls, largely because it is clear and serves the users first.

In the future, Mories Organization expects to use AI devices and application to monitor the well-balanced diet for the user and to advice for consuming a specific nutrition plans. Users can be able to set their food preferences and get tips on useful ingredients, recipes and recommendations, weather they are vegan, keto diet followers or food lovers generally.

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