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The majority of the capital raised will go to developing, marketing, operating, administration and growing the Mories network and ecosystem as the value of the SAGI token will be directly tied to the growth of the Mories ecosystem.


Mories Token (SAGI) is the token used for pricing goods, services, rewards, and trades within the system. We intend to use it, to create a more intuitive user experience than is the norm for blockchain-based applications. In particular, SAGI will be used to as value for transactions.

The improved user experience is intended to abstract away implementation complexity so users can focus on enjoying the application. A transaction fee will be subtracted from the value of each transaction. A portion of that transaction fee will accrue to Mories platform to support R&D and community development. A portion of the transaction fee will be burned, reducing the circulating supply of SAGI over time.

The current plan is based on:

  • 1.5% transaction fee
  • 25% of the transaction fee burned
  • 75% of the transaction accrues to Mories Platform
  • Burn stops when 10% of the initial supply (8,8 million tokens) is destroyed

TARGET MARKET Our ability to create an interactive platform, develop a product and services marketplace as well as a food data marketplace depends on significant user engagement from a diverse user base.

To drive early platform adoption, Mories will focus its efforts on attracting two cohorts: (1) Tech comfortable with integrating technology into their everyday lives (2) Premium nutrition foodlovers, or those deeply passionate, who go the extra mile in caring for their daily nutrition diet and exercise (e.g. those who purchase food).



  • Gain access to crowd-verified food products, information, and trustworthy services
  • Ensure they are making the right decisions based on proven facts
  • Lower long term cost of  diet programme
  • Targeted product suggestions free from bias, focused on user’s health
  • Especially useful for athletes and active sport lovers

Vendors, Manufacturers, and Retailers

  • Access a new global customer base
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost, passing the savings to customers
  • Verify product benefits, statistically relevant, and provable
  • Increase brand awareness

Nutritionist/ Diet Advisors

  • Acquire a new channel of customer acquisition
  • Add value via a normalized, high-quality, organized recordkeeping platform
  • Improve customer retention
  • Build crowd-verified reputation

Service Providers

  • Prove users have been properly cared for nutrition guidance and normalized information exchange
  • Affordable local advertising compared to major social platforms


  • Obtain trustworthy, unique, and unbiased facts for research studies
  • Call on Mories network participants for information
  • Specify actions for customers need to take to qualify


The food industry for healthy products with high nutritional values is experiencing tremendous growth, with the technology sector attracting the most attention from investors. The global personalized nutrition market size has grown from USD 8.2 billion in 2020 to USD 16.4 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 15.0%

The increase in awareness pertaining to the benefits of consuming nutrients has encouraged consumers to opt for a more personalized approach. The growing awareness among consumers has led to an increase in acceptance of products with high nutritional value, which is projected to drive the demand for personalized nutrition. In addition, technological advancements and the rise in investments and collaborations by key players in the personalized nutrition market are factors that are projected to provide growth opportunities for key players. However, the high cost of nutrition programs and dietary supplements is a key factor that is projected to hinder the growth of the market. Many parties (vegans, organic food users, nutritionists, etc.) are demanding trustworthy food to be brought to the forefront. The industry is heading towards a more truthful and transparent future – one where customers are more aware, informed and invested in their healthy lifestyle.

Platform Economies

Most ground breaking digital products and services that come to the market today are based on platform business models. Mories Organization plans to bring this trend to the food industry, having seen similar interconnected platforms emerge in various industries. All the required technologies exist today, Mories Organization will apply existing technologies and create a platform to allow all users to communicate and trade both data and product.


To date, there is no platform focused on building something similar to Mories Organization. There are a handful of centralized and platform-based projects targeting specific needs in the food ecosystem, e.g. tracking records, food analysis, etc.


Mories Organization is building an ecosystem, the first truly multi-faceted protocol for food lovers. Rather than looking at niche-specific platforms as competitors, Mories considers them to be potential partners who will provide key insights to users on the platform. The Blockchain Food Lover Tag will put customers at the forefront of Mories’s ecosystem but we will encourage participants to connect additional IoT devices, to supplement data collection efforts.


As with any new market, the first entrant generally holds the advantage. Mories Organization  will leverage this favorable position by building tech, improving existing assets, and growing its already talented multi-disciplinary team to create a barrier preventing would-be competitors from entering the market with similar goals.


As noted Mories Organization does not seek to compete with tech and food health platforms in the space, but rather to become the key connective tissue within the space (something that is yet to emerge) and allow these various other companies to integrate directly with the Mories Organization platform. Mories Organization will target companies, tech, and services that are a good fit for the platform such as Food Centers, Nutritionists, Healthy Diet Advisers, Fitness Centers  and subscription services such as Mailchimp, but will keep the door open for new and existing entities looking to access the Mories Organization user base, and add to the depth of data collected on the platform.


Many exciting opportunities exist for Mories Organization both in food tech and connecting the currently fragmented food industry and its data. With proper timing and marketing Mories seeks to carve out a meaningful share of the ‘growing healthy food industry pie’.

According to Grand View Research, 69% of producers are likely to use technology to keep track of their foods. Mobile device apps, have raised $300 million in funding and continue to flood into the market to fill the demand. What is more impressive is that these applications continue to create new markets. The services industry will experience continued innovation as tracking healthy food products from the field to shelve.

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